Strategy: what & why i am in this blog

Hi everyone! I am Roxy from China and now studying in UK. Recently I have got a client for my digital communication project with my teammates. So I started this blog to share more about our client as well as my own experience in their industry. Our client is Southwest Mallorca Holiday Rentals. Southwest Mallorca Holiday Rentals started its business in 2005 and now has more than 100 villas to let. At the very first beginning, as you can see, the focus of the business is in Mallorca, a beautiful Spanish island, but now, Southwest Mallorca Holiday Rentals is trying to expand its business to mainland Spain. Since the business is all about holiday accommodation rentals, tourists that prefer luxury holidays in groups will be our main targets.



Since our client is doing business on tourism, this blog will mainly focus on tourism as well. With so many materials to share about travelling, this blog will put an emphasis on food. So, my target audience will be those who enjoy travelling as well as trying local food. I will introduce some unique and traditional food of one specific region and recommend a few great restaurants.Though the business is running only in Spain now, this blog will talk a little wider, not only in Spain but also other European countries.


As food and travel being such hot topics, I have found some great bloggers doing the same thing online, such as, Joanna Hutchins, Eat Like a Girl, and Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller. The first one, Joanna Hutchins, has covered so many places all over the world and her blogs are picture-and-video-oriented, which makes her posts visualised and interesting. As for the layout, her blog has a very clear menu, including the location, wine, food and so on. She is doing so great at making the blog fun, logical and informative. The second one, Eat Like a Girl has different focuses. Unlike Joanna Hutchins, she blogs not only about travelling but also cooking, sharing a lot of recipes in her blog. You can read about travelling and food from Eat Like a Girl; moreover, you can learn how to make them in your own house with your own hand! The last one, Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller, they also have included cooking into their blog. Though the location they have covered are not as many as Joanna Hutchins does, they have written each place in great details, especially Canada.


After reading so many great blogs, I have learned a lot. I may not be able to cover so many interesting places, but I will try my best to include as many details of one place as I can, showing you pictures and hopefully videos. And more importantly, I will make my layout neat and easy for you to navigate. Thank you so much for joining my journey. Can’t wait to start right now!


Ps. Here’s the links of our client and the three great bloggers.

Southwest Mallorca

Joanna Hutchins

Eat like a girl

Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller


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