Madrid: Besides bullfight, what else you can’t miss?


Since I have watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona, I am longing to go to Barcelona. When I finally went to Spain, however, Madrid was the one that attracted me the most. I have to admit that Barcelona is a romantic city. But Madrid is much more complicated. It can be solemn, showing you the great dignity of historic royalty and modern politics. It can also be refreshing, for having the greatest park ever Parque del Retiro. You will sense people’s enthusiasm of football. You will also be shocked by the brutal bullfight. Madrid has taken in all those elements that seem to be contradicted, and hence, makes it a mystery city. Madrid is always ready for adventurers.

To have a sip of Spanish royalty, you can never miss Palacio Real. The special thing is that this palace was built in both French and Italian style. Before walking in, you have no idea how luxury this palace can be. Golden and silver utensils are everywhere. Numerous fabulous paintings and carpets decorate the walls. As this palace has served not only one king, it has specific marks that left by different kings. Those kings have decorated the palace in their own ways, making this long live palace a book of history, a blend of royalty over different periods.马德里皇宫

Compare to the luxury fancy gold and silver, somehow I prefer the sunshine in . Parque del Retiro was the park of the royal family, but now it belongs to the Spanish public. There is a lake guarding Monumento de Alfonso XII, so peaceful that can never remind you the cruel history of throne contending. Girls will find it extremely romantic that there is a huge rose park in Parque del Retiro. Being surrounding by a wave of flowers with the one she loves might be the dream for every girl.


My favourite Spanish Food

Finally, as a crazy food lover, how can I forget those tapas, churro, paella…Tapas is a snack of bread and different toppings, perfect for the national drink Sangria (speaking of drink, I have also introduced a famous drink in Portugal). In Spain, there is a specific period for tapas, I called it Tapas Timez. Every day, from 2pm after lunch to 8pm before dinner, it is the time for tapas. In UK we might high tea but in Spain, it will be Tapas and Sangria. Churro is usually for breakfast and serves with coffee and hot chocolate. It is a little bit similar to a Chinese breakfast “Youtiao”. Basically it is fried dough. As for paella, it is the Spanish version of seafood rice. Compare to Portuguese seafood rice, paella is drier while the Portuguese one is relatively wet with soup. But I prefer paella, since it is dry, the rice has absorbed more flavour from the seafood and the seasoning. But which one is better? I think everyone has their own answer and you gonna find out yourself.



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